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Gravesite rules, regulations discussed

Gravesite rules, regulations discussed

Discussions of gravesite rules and regulations pertaining to memorials and rock placement in the Paisley cemetery served as a main focus of the Lake County Cemetery District’s Thursday, May 8, meeting.

Area residents attending the meeting seeking information on the district’s request that they remove specific items from the gravesites of their loved ones included Serena Abell, Lori Mayea and Norma Carlon.

One of the district’s directors, Pierre Hoppe, noted that gravesites must be maintained as per the district’s rules and regulations.

Issues raised with specific gravesites included the placement of varied memorial items and laying of rock.

In the case of one gravesite, that of Abell’s daughter Zophia, the district requested that varied memento items and rock materials be removed from the site, as the grave site needs to be physically leveled as well as to afford maintenance crews the ability to perform their caretaking duties.

The district’s attorney, John Bogardus, said that gravel and rock material could be allowed if contained by curbing material.  Following discussion on the matter, the board encouraged Abell, Mayea and Carlon to submit proposals to the board for curbing installations that would not hinder maintenance activities.

Abell asked about the district’s rules and regulations, having been asked to remove a memorial bench, river rock and ornamentation from her daughter’s grave site.

The board’s administrative secretary, Sherrain Glenn, noted that the district is also trying to grow bunch grass in the Paisley cemetery, but some of the guests in attendance said that the cemetery has historically featured rocky ground and grass is difficult to grow there.

Abell also requested a copy of the district’s directive in writing, and said she plans to appeal the request.

Regarding the district’s recent revision of its rules and regulations, Bogardus noted this was a routine action to address contemporary issues and not adopted in light of this specific issue.

Bogardus also suggested that the City of Paisley may consider de-annexing the cemetery from the district, should it desire to oversee the cemetery on its own.

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