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Great Job — Still Needs Our Support

From the time we moved to Lakeview in 1995 until early last year, our neighborhood was over run with feral cats. New litters were being born in and under whatever shelter proved suitable to a mother cat.

Then came the Oregon Outback Humane Society volunteers led by Martina (Keil). Through their efforts in live trapping, neutering and spaying of these animals, we have noticed a real improvement in the situation. Less fertile cats mean fewer kittens being born and less problems for homeowners in the area. Prior to the efforts of OOHS volunteers, there wasn’t a time of the day or night we could look outside and not see at least one cat.

Make no mistake about it, we don’t dislike cats or dogs, but irresponsible pet owners have created many problems in towns and cities like Lakeview. There is still a problem with dogs running at large, even with a leash law in this town. But that is more of a lack of enforcement than the prior cat problem.

Please support the Oregon Outback Humane Society and its’ hardworking volunteers. They have made a real difference in Lakeview!

Ed Now


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