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Green House Project, unique elder care concept

Representatives of The Green House Project recently visited Lakeview to discuss its unique approach in elder care with the community at large as well as the local health district.

The Green House Project is an organization whose philosophy of elder care is built around a home-like setting rather than that of an institutional feel.  Representatives visited with the public at large as well as the Lake Health District board on Wednesday, May 7, said Lake District Hospital CEO Charlie Tveit.

The organization was started by Dr. Bill Thomas, Tveit said, who developed the ‘Eden Advantage’ concept that is centered around an environment as close to home living as possible for seniors.

Some of these principles have been adopted by the district, Tveit said, in its Long-Term Care unit.  An example is the availability of breakfast at any time of the day, and not solely in the morning, he said.

The Green House Project concept includes individual rooms with European-style showers for greater ease of access and a dining room around a central table that is not unlike a traditional family mealtime hub, Tveit said.

“It incorporates as much as (possible) a home-like setting,” he said.

Under this concept, staffing provides nurse services that would include direct involvement with such tasks as cooking with residents in maintaining this ‘home-based’ atmosphere.

The ‘cottage’ setting’s smaller design would include 12 beds per cottage, Tveit said, private rooms with bathrooms, a centralized kitchen area and a commons area.

Tveit said discussions with Green House Project representatives included current services versus what could potentially be offered under the Green House Project model.

The organization additionally conducted discussions with union representatives, department heads, nurses and other staff to answer questions and share information, Tveit said.

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