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Gun Control Plain and Simple

I’m tired of all those people demanding more gun control, you’re crushing our rights to keep and bear arms— we are abiding citizens who have done nothing wrong. (Here’s a novel idea) Punish harshly the criminals that do these horrible acts of violence, I’m guessing you’re the ones that let your kids play these violent video games and watch those killer horror movies, I guess you could say there’s a killer in training.

Let’s ban baseball because a man was beat to death with a baseball bat. Let ban knives because of all those people stabbed to death.

Let’s ban cars because of those killed in deadly car accidents.

What about people that kill with their bare hands, are you going to ban women from having babies with hands. Grow-up people. People kill people.

You want gun control here it is plain and simple, you use a firearm in the commission of a felony upon conviction after trial you will serve everyday of 25 years, no good time. When you’re released and you commit another felony with a firearm at your trial you’re found guilty, you have two weeks for an appeal and found guilty again, you have three days to put everything in order with your attorney and one minute after midnight on the fourth day you will be executed.

I know that’s harsh, but you bleeding hearts slap the hands of criminals and tell them it’s okay, you didn’t mean to do it.

Stop that. They’re criminals.

You gun banners call law abiding gun owners demons because they like firearms. If you want to see a real demon look in the mirror.

Nelson Jarrett



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