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Hamilton hired as athletic director, vice-principal

Jesse Hamilton, the 32 year-old Klamath Falls native, will be taking his first job in administration this upcoming school year as he’s been hired by Lakeview High School to replace Steve Prock as the new athletic director and vice principal of the high school and middle school.

Hamilton brings with him his wife, Erin, and their four kids Beth, 9, Jake, 8, Corbin, 5, and their youngest, Cooper, who is 1.

The Oregon of Institute graduate comes with a healthy amount of knowledge and experience, having taught math for seven years at Henley High School in Klamath Falls and Lost River. He also coached softball for Henley the past four years with much success, as his team was semifinalists, lost in the state championship, semifinalists, and quarter finalists in his four years as coach. They also won the league title three out of the four years.

Since Klamath Falls is only a stone’s throw away from Lakeview, Hamilton is familiar with the area. Both he and his wife are happy to be remaining local, as another job opportunity that didn’t work out would have sent them to Mountain Home, Idaho.

The Hamiltons welcome the small town culture for which Lakeview is known. He and his wife love the outdoors, and take part in camping, fishing and hunting whenever they can.

Hamilton comes from a school of modest size, ranging from 660 to 700 kids.

Lakeview has about a third of that, but it will give Hamilton an opportunity to maintain one of his favorite aspects of his job: student interaction.

He has built his career paradigm on putting the kids first, and it’s something he plans to continue.

“It all has to revolve around what’s best for the kids,” he said.

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