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Health district approves loan increase

Lake Health District’s board of directors recently approved increasing a loan by $50,000 and up to $600,000 for its Alturas-based Goose Lake Lake Medical Services clinic.

The initial loan approved earlier this year in the amount of $550,000 was largely earmarked for the purchase of the building, said Lake District Hospital’s CEO, Charlie Tveit.

The amended loan, approved unanimously by the board, stemmed from a variety of unanticipated costs associated with bringing the clinic’s physical building up to necessary code as well as efforts to further expand the clinic’s business. Tveit addressed the matter during the board’s Thursday, Sept. 5, monthly business meeting.

Tveit said that the building inspector for the City of Alturas was unavailable to sign off on the code requirements for the clinic’s building, having been laid off.

Over the previous three years, this inspector claimed she was not qualified to provide the necessary inspections on the building.

Since the former city building inspector’s lay-off, Modoc County’s building inspector is seeking more details on how the district will meet varied code requirements, Tveit said during the meeting, noting that the process will be considerably less costly if the clinic’s license is changed into a physician other than that of Dr. Wesley Stevens, DO.

Transferring the clinic’s license into the district’s name would come at a considerably higher cost, Tveit said, due to a greater amount of required rules regulations set forth by  the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD).


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