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Health district approves surplus of property

Health district approves surplus of property

Action items at Lake Health District’s Thursday, April 3, board of directors meeting included the surplus of a lawn mower and truck.

The truck, a 1993 Chevy pickup, was relegated by approval of the board to surplus status due to its age and varied mechanical issues.  It carries an estimated value of $500 to $700, said Lake District Hospital CEO Charlie Tveit.

A lawn mower estimated at $100 was also approved by surplus sale.

Both the truck and mower will be donated to the Lakeview Lions’ upcoming auction fundraiser event.

In Long-Term Care Dir. Melinda Utley’s absence, Tveit provided an update on the Long-Term Care unit, and future considerations for its continued presence.

Accounting firm Moss Adams, LLC, recommends that the district create a separation between the hospital and Long-Term Care with a transfer of the unit’s license away from the hospital under the umbrella of the health district, Tveit said.

Tveit also noted that a capital impact team associated with the Greenhouse Project, a group specializing in long-term care services that are designed to maximize the home-living experience for its residents, is slated to come to Lakeview for an analysis on May 7 and 8.

In light of this presence, the board’s May meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday, May 8, in order to have the most up-to-date information available from the team’s visit.

In updates on the district’s geothermal system, Tveit noted that some of the hospital system’s valves need some work and some details need to be addressed. Tveit said that an expert from Klamath Falls is sought to help resolve and properly commission the system.

The district is responsible for the system’s functionality on site, as the Town of Lakeview is only responsible for the delivery of water, he said.

During his CEO report, Tveit also noted that ground has broken for the forthcoming MRI unit.  Mobile MRI services will remain on the campus until the hospital’s new permanent unit is operational, which is slated for this July.

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