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Health District continues donation discussions

Lake Health District’s Board of Directors continued discussions of a potential donation policy development during their Dec. 5 monthly board meeting.

This month, the board approved a donation request in the amount of $2,500 for a community reader board project. In their approval of this request, Lake District Hospital CEO Charlie Tveit noted that the request fits in with the district’s community-based mission.

The board declined a second donation request for the Lake County Youth Mentor Program.  Tveit said such social service programs is more difficult for the district to support with cash, as it does not fall in line with the district’s mission.

Tveit said that the reader board project serves as an example of tangible assets upon which the district can invest itself.  Additionally, the district would likely be able to promote community awareness of varied events utilizing the electronic reader board.

Board chairman Chuck Kelley said he believed the most effective approach to addressing future requests would be a simple written policy that would detail criteria for eligibility purposes.

Tveit said he would prepare a draft policy addressing donations by the district for next month’s meeting.

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