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Health screening set for County employees

A health screening session for Lake County employees is set for Wednesday, Dec. 11, in the Memorial Hall, located in the basement of the Lake County Courthouse.

The session will be held from 7 to 10 a.m., and will provide a number of varied screenings, including blood work, weight, height, body mass index, a hearing test, strength testing and the opportunity for flu tests.

Beth Hadley, a registered nurse with Lake County Public Health, presented the plan for the screening to the Commissioners, noting a survey of county employees this past summer indicated such an event ranked high amongst participants.

Hadley said the event would provide a good baseline of individual health data for employees seeking to make healthy life changes.

The blood work would be returned within two weeks, she said.

Funds requested from the County for the screening event numbered is estimated at $967.25 for 65 participating employees.  The County would cover half of the cost of the blood screening, which comes to about $15 per employee.

Due to the fasting required for a blood screening, an additional $200 was suggested for snacks and water for those participating.

Commissioner Dan Shoun noted that the efforts in promoting positive and healthy lifestyles is appreciated by the board, and that it’s important for the County to look out for the healthy welfare of its employees.

He also said that the more information that is provided to employees, the more likely it would stick in making healthy choices.

“We all get busy in life, and it’s hard to take time out for a doctor’s appointment,” Hadley said.

Commissioner Brad Winters noted that, over the long term, healthy customers also afford potential savings in reduced insurance costs.

On a related topic, the Commissioners also approved a revised version of the Lake County Wellness Policy, as presented by Business Mgr. Jay Collins.

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