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Hee-Haw Basketball is coming to Honker Court

The Lakeview High School graduating class of 2014 will be sponsoring a Hee-Haw Donkey Basketball tournament at the Lakeview High School Honker Court on Monday, April 29 at 6:00 p.m.

The event is put on by the current high school juniors to promote their Safe and Sober Party or trip at the end of their senior year. Currently, there are 6 teams signed up for competition.

Each team has 5 members, and four of those five are on donkeys, while only one is allowed to dribble. The games are timed, and the tournament is measured in points scored by each team, not wins.

Thus, a team that loses but score 20 points will be ranked higher than a team that wins but scores 10 points. At the end, the two teams with the most points will participate in a final game, and the winner gets to take home the highly-coveted Donkey Trophy.

The current participating teams are  Lake District Hospital, Long Term Care, Mentor Program, the School Board, BLM and the Class of 2014 Team.

There will also be a 50/50 raffle where half the  profits go to the soon-to-be seniors, while the other half belongs to the winner.

All the proceeds of raffle ticket sales and admission ticket sales go directly to the student fund for the Safe and Sober Party.

Parents Jill Harlan, Beth Hadley and Stephanie Roseberry are in charge of the event,

Harlan emphasized the importance of a safe celebration for graduating seniors.

“We want to raise money for students to have a safe and sober time at graduation,” she said, “and so they can enjoy their time together.”

In the event that students do not raise enough money for a trip, Harlan guaranteed that they will still throw a party.

Tickets for the event can be purchased from the graduating class of 2014.

Adult ticket prices cost $8 if purchased in advance, $9 if purchased at the door; student prices are $6 in advance, $7 at the door, and children 4-12 years old are $4 in advance, $5 at the door.

Inquiries about entering a team can be directed to Jill Harlan at 541 947-5231.

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