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High School girl’s soccer kicks off first varsity season

In her second year of coaching high school girl’s soccer, Beth Witham is excited to see how the team will perform.  This is their first official year on a varsity schedule, which means the team will be in more of a competitive arena than last year.

As last year’s girl’s soccer program was more of a club or junior varsity program, this year is very much a milestone for the team, and Lakeview High School soccer programs.

It’s the first time the school has ever had a separate girl’s soccer league team.  Previous years have offered club teams, but nothing official.

To date, 16 girls have signed up for the program.  Because of regular soccer rules, 11 will be on the field at any one time, but Witham feels the number is about right.  Some may start off on the bench for a game, but as the match wears on, the team would suffer without the ability to substitute.

There are 10 girls returning from last year, five of whom will only be playing soccer for the second season this year.

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