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Historical Village debuts new windmill addition

Historical Village debuts new windmill addition

Projects can easily keep a fellow busy; just ask Ed Henry, caretaker of the Lake County Historical Village.

The village, an outdoor museum located at the Lake County Fairgrounds that displays a unique array of antique agricultural equipment as well as dwellings from bygone eras, is a popular draw come Round-Up time.

Each year, Henry works to add something new to its inventory, and this year is no different.

Henry just recently completed restoration work on an antique windmill, which was the result of plenty of elbow grease from him and also featured assistance from several contributors.

The genesis for the windmill was the donation of its fans and tails, as well as a motor unit, by the late J.R. Stewart, Henry said, who noted that Stewart donated the components, among several other items, to the Historical Village two weeks prior to his passing in December 2012.

Betty Morris donated a tower to the good of the project, he said, which Henry then shortened from its original 25-foot height down to a more scale-appropriate 11 feet for the purposes of the  village.

For more information or to tour the Lake County Historical Village, call 541-947-5026, or visit the Lake County Historical Society’s Facebook page.

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