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Hite chooses resignation during investigation

Leroy Hite, now formerly employed by the Town of Lakeview Police Department, recently resigned his position with the Town.  Hite, under investigation for unknown charges, entered into an agreement with the town government that allowed them only to announce his resignation, effective Friday, Sept. 20.

The Deschutes County District Attorney will now handle any case made against Hite as a result of investigations undertaken by the Oregon State Police.  Ulys Stapleton, the Lake County district attorney, said that he is unaware of what the Deschutes DA may decide.

A case by Bonnie and Orlando Gonzalez against Hite has been ended by dismissal.  The latest, near the beginning of September, was a stipulated dismissal by the parties involved, according to the Gonzalezes’ lawyer, David Force.  Force was not at liberty to provide further details, except that both parties entered into an agreement – the stipulation – to have the case dismissed.

An earlier dismissal took place after a summary judgment motion was filed in June by the Gonzalezes, which Mark Clarke, a magistrate judge for the United States District Court for the District of Oregon, granted.  Orlando Gonzales’s side of the case was dropped after the court concluded that he did not establish a violation by Hite of Gonzales’s constitutional rights, according to court records of the motion.

Town Police Chief Jeff Kamp said the Police Department would be advertising for Hite’s position through the local work connection as well as newspaper ads and Oregon’s Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.  Luckily, he said, there hasn’t been a lot of turnover in the local police force, so they haven’t had to hire anyone in the past few years.

Hiring for the position may be open for a few weeks, depending on how long the process takes, said Kamp.

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