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Holloway’s now offers formal attire, closes catalog store

Holloway’s now offers formal attire, closes catalog store

As their JC Penney operations close, Holloway’s is offering the ability for customers to rent tuxedos from Portland’s Mr. Formal tuxedo rentals.  The store has taken over the business from Barb Albertson at the Style Closet and will also be offering formal and semi-formal dresses sold on consignment, as well as women’s dress shoes.

Holloway’s has also been providing a clothing cleaning service for a few months now, sending anything customers need dry-cleaned or pressed over to Fashion Cleaners in Klamath Falls.  Clothing is generally sent out for cleaning on Friday of each week, returning the following Wednesday.

Prices for tuxedos start at around $70 in the Mr. Formal catalog, which allows the tux to be rented for the day of an occasion, meaning it must be returned the following business day.  The company is offering a greater variety of tuxedos than are included in Holloway’s current catalog, which will be available after the printing of a new catalog that Sheila Holloway expects to be getting soon.

“Mr. Formal has been wonderful,” said Holloway, “They’ve been very prompt about sending tuxes when we order them and can send a tux overnight if there’s a mistake and we have to return one.”  The selection of tuxedos at the moment includes black, white, grey and ivory colors, with choices of shoe style and vest or tie colors and patterns.  Holloway believes the new catalog will offer clearer pictures of the colors, as well as more options for tuxedos, vests, ties and shoes.

Though Holloway believes it’s best to order a tuxedo two weeks in advance of an event, the tuxedos can arrive much more quickly if necessary.  The two weeks’ time allows for any sizing changes or errors made which necessitate the return of the tuxedo that arrives.

Holloway’s is also able to take measurements for the tuxes to assure proper fit.

A variety of dresses are also available, with more coming in almost every day, said Holloway.

The Holloways also intend to offer some dresses for rent in the future, to accommodate those who only need them for a single occasion.  Sheila said, “I hope it works well for those who have dresses that they’ve only worn once and need to sell, as well as those looking to buy dresses locally.”

Holloway’s Photography is located at 7 N. E St., and can be reached at 541-947-3233 for more information on their new and regular store businesses.

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