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Honker boy’s soccer scores a win against the Bulldogs

Honker boy’s soccer scores a win against the Bulldogs

With a final score of 6 to 1, Lakeview’s high school boy’s soccer team took down a team from Creswell, the Bulldogs.  Lakeview boys scored a quick three goals in the first half, scoring another three in the second half of the game, which prevented the Bulldogs from making much of an impact on the outcome.

Tristan Witham scored Lakeview’s first goal, with a header off a corner kick by Dominick Leal in the eighth minute of the game.  Cody Hamilton scored the second goal in the tenth minute of the game not long after the first with an assist by Witham.  The third point of the game was scored on a penalty kick after a member of the opposing team contacted the ball with their hands or arms.

Leal scored the penalty kick in the 11th minute of the game.  After that, their coach Jim Nicholl decided to substitute in more of the other boys on the team, which he said ‘cooled off’ the game.

The team was eventually playing with all their subs in and didn’t score again until the 50th minute of the game in the second half, when Witham made another goal with Leal assisting.  In the 60th minute, Josh Fledderjohann scored the fifth point of the game on a penalty kick, his first career goal.

Leal scored again for the final point of the game, with an assist by Eddy Ruiz, a freshman.

Nicholl praised Ruiz, saying, “He tracked the ball down, slid into it in kind of a slide tackle, and kicked it back.  The ball was on the line, but in soccer it has to be all the way over to be out of bounds.

“I was most pleased with the header and that goal,” said Nicholl of the first and final goals, “I didn’t really expect us to dominate the other team like that.”

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