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Honker football meets with first season loss

To the tune of Mazama’s cheerleading squad, the Honkers were unfortunately unable to maintain their record of being unbeaten this fall season with a final score of 56 to 43 in the Mazama team’s favor.

The Lakeview football team looked good for the first half of the game, however, nearly catching up to Mazama’s early lead of 28 points with a touchdown that brought the Lakeview score to 27.

Later on, the Mazama team pushed through Lakeview’s defensive line for several plays, getting them 56 points, which the local high school team was unable to overcome.  Rick Stupak, the Lakeview head coach, commented that the local team was unable to execute some of their plays this game.

“We need to learn how to handle success as well as adversity,” Stupak said.  “If there was something that made us lose the game, it was the big 2-0.  It’s easier to reach the top than it is to stay there.”

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