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Honker players enter season with victory over Modoc team

Honker players enter season with victory over Modoc team

The Lakeview Honkers touched down with their first varsity win of the season on the evening of Friday, Sept. 6.  After a rocky junior varsity game with Modoc coming out on top, the Lakeview varsity players had a well-prepared offence that allowed them to triumph with a final score of 29 to 7.

For the most part, players seemed to work well with their new coach, though at one point some heated words were exchanged.  The Lakeview offense made one grand run through the Modoc line nearly the length of the field, but the moment was unfortunately quashed by the referees.

Lane Hadley had an excellent game with two touchdowns, the Honkers managing not only to keep making touchdowns throughout the game, but also preventing the other team from scoring more than twice.

Modoc came down hard when they could on the tackles, but were unable at times to catch the Lakeview runners in time to prevent the Honkers from closing on the goal line.

Quick switches and play calls allowed the Lakeview team to retain their momentum throughout the game, despite interruptions of penalties and referees dropping flags on the play.

Penalties went both ways for the teams, sometimes helping, sometimes hindering the Honkers, but overall not seeming to favor one side or the other.  Kids participating in the Pop Warner football program came forward during halftime, but the lights also went down, making them hard to see.

Luckily, the lights were dealt with before the second half of the game, and had little to no problems for the rest of the evening.

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