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Honkers head to state playoffs

Honkers head to state playoffs

It proved a riveting week for the Lakeview High School boys basketball team as they fought victoriously to earn their place in the post season state playoffs. Seated firmly in second place for the district, position in the contest ended up having to be decided by a run off game against St. Mary’s, played on Tuesday, Feb. 11.

Previously, Lakeview had beaten St. Mary’s by 20. However, most recently, the Crusaders bested the Honkers when they traveled to Medford for the bout. As they met to play last Tuesday, the two teams looked equally matched.

As a packed house filled the stands to support the Lakeview team, the score rose evenly. Due to a last minute shot, at halftime, St. Mary’s only led by one.

Though the suspenseful game remained close, by the end of the fourth quarter the Honkers were able to sneak ahead enough to win, 67-58.

Having ensured their spot in the playoffs, Lakeview next traveled to Medford to face off against the district’s first place team, Cascade Christian, to determine their seed in the tournament. Unfortunately, it was a rough game and the boys lost 72-43.

“Cascade Christian is a really good team, they wear us down and they don’t make any mistakes,” Blair said.

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