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Honkers lose to Hornets at Henley

Facing tough opposition this past weekend in Klamath Falls, the Lakeview Honkers met the Henley Hornets on their home court on Saturday, Dec. 28.

Lakeview lost 41-72, with the Hornets pulling ahead after the first half to cement a decisive lead.

“Our team was tired out towards the end,” said Lakeview’s head coach Cody Blair.

“We looked good for two quarters, but their pressure tired us out.”

Lane Hadley and Charles Harms scored the highest for the game from the Lakeview side with 7 points apiece.

Blair added that the Henley team seemed to be more physically fit than the Honkers, which is something the Lakeview team will have to work on in the near future.

He was, however, optimistic about their prospects in the near future, with a tournament coming up that will run for three days – Thursday, Jan. 2 through Saturday, Jan. 4.

Blair thought the games should help them get more experience.

For their first game of the tourney, the Honkers will face boys from Modoc High School in Alturas, Calif.

“We’ve played Modoc already, but we’ll play better this time,” said Blair.  “We want to win this tournament, and I think we can beat Modoc.”

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