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Honkers shut out Bonanza Antlers in second game

Lakeview’s varsity Honkers picked up the pieces following a game one loss in a Friday, March 15, doubleheader at home, shutting out Bonanza, 8-0.

The game served as a watershed moment for Cody Hamilton, as it marked his first starting scenario on the Honkers’ pitching staff. Hamilton successfully pitched a no-hitter with 18 strikeouts, said head coach Sean Radford.

“The whole game, you could tell, he was in a groove from the start,” Radford said.

On the offensive end of the game, Cody Clemens had two RBIs, and hit two-for-three, with two hits at three official at-bats. He also scored two runs. Jack Graham also went two-for-three, while Cody Hamilton went one-for-three and had two RBIs.

The second game followed a loss against Bonanza in game one, 6-10. Trevor Callaghan started for the pitching staff, which also included Cody Clemens and Landen Lampman.

Radford said that Bonanza largely capitalized on a number of free bases during this initial contest. Lakeview’s pitching was strong where strikes were concerned, but they struggled with their fielding, Radford said.

Graham, Clemens, Callaghan and Murphy Cockrell all had two hits each, Radford said, with Cockrell and Graham scoring two runs each.

On Tuesday, March 12, the Honkers defeated Lost River, 12-1 in five innings of play.

On pitching, Callaghan started the game, with Hamilton and Clemens supporting Lakeview’s pitching, as well.

Similarly, this contest was pitcher-dominated, Radford said, which took the pressure off the Honkers’ fielders.

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