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Honkers swiped by Cougars at home

Honkers swiped by Cougars at home

Lakeview’s Honkers stayed home for their second to last season football game before playoffs, losing to Illinois Valley’s Cougars 21 to 30.

“They made more plays than we did,” said coach Rick Stupak after the game. “You can always use injured players as an excuse, but we were still in a position to win.”

Nick Harlan, Danny Smith and Michael Cooney were still out with injuries from the past few games, but Stupak thought Lane Hadley and Charles Harms did well.  “Certainly there are guys that we miss,” said the coach. “But we just have to play a good game next week.”

Hadley scored an 80-yard touchdown run, while Harms came in on the 4th quarter and engineered a scoring drive, almost getting another, according to Stupak.  “Harms was slated as our emergency guy, so it was really gutty what he did,” said the coach

On the defensive side, Stupak said there were facing a strong running back in James Thompson.  “We were in a position to stop Thompson.  He’s a good back, you can’t arm tackle him, and he keeps his feet moving,” said the coach, “He made us work to take him down.”

Stupak said the Illinois Valley team had a good quarterback and good receivers, who were able to stay a step ahead of the Lakeview High team.

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