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Honkers take early lead, lose steam against Burns

bbalLakeview High School Honkers played on their home court Tuesday, Dec. 10, facing the Hilanders from Burns.  Lakeview’s team lost, scoring 47 to the Burns team’s 62.

“We came out shooting the ball pretty well and got an early lead,” said Honker Head Coach Cody Blair.  “In the second quarter we had eight straight turnovers, and the start of the third quarter they went on a 17-0 run.”

Blair added that those things combined to put the team in a bad position, though the boys played hard.

“Those turnovers hurt us and we weren’t really able to bounce back.  We’ll work on making better decisions and fewer mistakes,” said the coach.

He also mentioned that the opposing team had A strong player in Austin Feist, who scored 30 points during the game.  “We played them really tough, but he was just really good and still able to score.  I think we played good defense on him,” said Blair.

They face a team from Weed Thursday, Dec. 19 in the Block M Tournament hosted by Alturas’s Modoc High School.

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