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Hundreds gather in Silver Lake for reunion event

Hundreds gather in Silver Lake for reunion event

After a funeral gathering in September of 2012 held for a departed Silver Lake resident, those in attendance from the area tossed around the idea of coming together on a less somber occasion.

Elaine Condon, longtime resident, former teacher at the Silver Lake School and former owner of the Dinner Bell Deli, spearheaded the idea.

“They said you put it together, and we’ll come,” Condon said.

She did just that, building a website, www.silverlakereunion.blogspot.com, and putting it on Facebook as well.

Part of the fun for her was compiling a list of all the former residents, people with whom she either never spoke or has not spoken to in a long time, and letting them know they were planning a reunion.

Condon used the yellow pages as her main source, tracking down Silver Lake residents in the phone book and cold-calling them.

“If everybody (from the Town’s history) came, we’d probably have over 3,000 people,” she said.

When asked how the response was, Condon recalled the majority of the people she contacted being excited.

Judging by the number of those in attendance, Condon was right.

The guest book indicated a total of 368 people had come to the Saturday, July 20 reunion.

Her estimate, however, has it closer to the 400 range, as people trickled in and out all day and not everyone signed the guest book.

The reunion was slated to start just before noon, but so many people arrived during setup that it lasted a lot longer.

Food was not hard to come by, as attendees more than paid their fair share.

The grills were fired up for hot dogs and hamburgers, while there was plenty of fruit, desserts such as brownies, pie, carrot cake, chocolate cake, and sides such as pasta, potato salad, coleslaw, and drinks ranging from iced tea to sweet tea to lemonade to water.

Those in attendance enjoyed the company of each other, catching up, and seeing old faces from all around the country that gathered in Silver Lake, according to Condon.

This was also the first reunion in the past 48 years, as the last Silver Lake reunion was enjoyed in 1965, and by all accounts, appeared to be a success.

For more pictures of the event, visit the blog at www.silverlakereunion.blogspot.com, on Facebook or contact Elaine Condon at 541-576-2379.

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