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ILC Video room nearly ready

Hardware for the new Innovation and Learning Center (ILC) videoconferencing room is now in place, with three television screens, two cameras, four microphones and two speakers in a room located in the north wing of the Daly Middle School building.

What’s left to install  is an instructor control station and pads for the students to stand on which the cameras will track, allowing students to address the instructor individually.

The two pads will cause the swivel-mounted cameras at either end of the room to focus in on the pad when someone stands on it, transmitting their movements and speech to another location.  Interestingly, as a broadcast and receiving setup, the room could function both as a classroom with a live instructor, transmitting a Lakeview-based class to another campus, or transmitting a class taking place on another campus to here.

Sean Gallagher, School District #7 superintendent, said the occupancy permit for the north wing was obtained last week, allowing classes to take place in the wing as early as Tuesday or Wednesday, Oct. 1 or 2.  A temporary room in the south wing of the building will function as a backup so long as the north wing classroom remains closed.

Klamath Community College (KCC) invested over $90,000 in the room according to Gallagher, who said the District agreed to split the cost of wiring the rooms after KCC paid for the equipment.  “It won’t only benefit the community but also the high school,” Gallagher said, citing plans still underway to add a room in the high school with the same capabilities.

He also noted that many colleges and universities have the same kind of setup available, which could mean the ILC could tap into their programming in the future if agreements could be made.  Seismic retrofitting in the north wing is still in progress, especially in the upper floor.

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