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Information Technology updates discussed by Board of Commissioners

Technology-related updates served as a central point of discussion during a Tuesday, March 18, county work session.

Brad Brown, owner of Bend-based AccTech Solutions, LLC, the firm with which Lake County contracts its information technology services, provided an overview of projects and efforts underway.

At the start of the meeting, Admin. Asst. Denise Thorsted confirmed that departmental interviews had been conducted for determining technology needs in the coming fiscal year.

As for current-year projects, Brown discussed the last department for visitation, Lake County Mental Health, where he noted that support is being provided for multi-function devices.

Across the spectrum, a countywide IT plan has been developed, replaced 50 outdated computers, implemented a new phone system and was involved with the recent security-related card-lock and security camera installations.

A remote access setup for the North Lake Annex building in Christmas Valley was also developed, and video conferencing equipment is currently on order.

A back-up system is also in development for the North Lake Annex, Brown said, which will replicate all the County’s data on a nightly basis in case of a catastrophic event.

Brown said that a completely separate wireless network accessible by the general public is currently in the works that would be available in Memorial Hall as well as on the main courthouse floor.

This network would provide only for internet access, he said.

Commissioner Brad Winters expressed concern of a possible in flux of recreational Internet users in the courthouse.

IT Technician Bob Pardee said that the access would be no different than when the library’s internet availability was still located inside the courthouse.

Brown agreed, noting he didn’t recall issues with patrons sitting outside the library in order to access the wireless service.

The estimated singular one-time cost is $130 for this service, and the primary purpose is simply allowing all visitors wireless internet access, Brown said.

Projects in the coming year will include a data security plan, increasing the server capability and security back-up for the county’s departments, as well as work related to the district attorney’s office and the sheriff’s department.

The Lake County Commissioners meet on the first and third Wednesdays of each month, with work sessions held on the Tuesday prior.

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