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Inmate transport vehicle purchase approve

Noted as the final vehicle purchase budgeted for the current fiscal year, the county will soon acquire a new inmate transport rig.

The Lake County Board of Commissioners approved the purchase of a 2014 Ford Expedition XL during their Wednesday, Dec. 4, regular session.  The lowest bid for the vehicle came in at $37,694, not inclusive of Department of Motor Vehicles fees, from Hall Motor Company of Lakeview.

Burns Ford ranked second with a bid of $38,095.

As indicated by Lake County Admin. Asst. Denise Thorsted, the vehicle’s primary use is the transport of inmates to Klamath County or other locations as applicable.  The Expedition will replace the current Chevrolet AstroVan in use, a vehicle model that is no longer being manufactured, Thorsted said.

Total fees to outfit the vehicle for inmate transports is about $5,000, she said.

Also on the transportation forefront, Thorsted reported to the Commissioners that an additional $30,000 will become available as Special Transportation Funds.

The state legislature doled out an extra $5 million for the STF program as a result of not building the Columbia River bridge project, she said.

The STF dollars support transportation of seniors and the disabled in Lake County through local service providers, which include the Lake County Senior Center, Inner Court Family Center in Paisley and Lake County Mental Health.

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