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Innovation and Learning Center group hosts public meeting

Prior to its final governance committee and future plans meeting, Klamath Community College Pres. Dr. Roberto Gutierrez and Lake County School District No. 7 Supt. Sean Gallagher held an open-to-the-public forum on the Innovation and Learning Center on the evening of Wednesday, July 31.

The two led presentations on the most recent updates with the Innovation and Learning Center, informed the community members in attendance about what role each contributing party would be playing, the agreements and programs that will be featured at the ILC, and the history of the project itself.

Members of the audience heard about the core academics, certified welding, bachelors in Agriculture, natural resources, renewable energy sources, and nursing programs that the ILC will offer to its distance-learning students.

Dr. Gutierrez and his camp are working on plans to have KCC professors travel to Lakeview at least once a month to give ILC students the in-person feel, with KCC students being the group who normally gets that attention.

Dr. Gutierrez and Supt. Gallagher answered questions from the audience about issues that weren’t covered in the presentation. One person in attendance, who traveled from an area close to Likely, Calif., asked about out-of-state tuition costs of the ILC.

Oregon State University has 30 online degrees that do not charge out-of-state tuition, but have a higher per credit cost.

ILC Coordinator Christy Tveit was also in attendance, and reportedly signed up four new students and two new instructors after the meeting.  Tveit’s office is located in the south wing of the building. She will also host an information evening meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 21 at 6 p.m.

For more information, contact Tveit at 541-947-6663.

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