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Internet problems abound in Paisley

Capacity issues are reportedly hampering CenturyLink-based Internet access in the City of Paisley, from discussions held at the Lake County Board of Commissioners in recent weeks.

During an Oct. 29 work session, Admin. Asst. Denise Thorsted recently updated the Commissioners on problems with access or poor service in Paisley, issues later confirmed by Paisley’s mayor, Mark Douglas.

Thorsted said the service went down at the Paisley Library during a recent clean-up process by CenturyLink of multiple circuit lines that followed a switch to IP-based lines back in January.   The Paisley branch of the Lake County Public Library recently switched to a cellular phone-based service in order to continue the availability of Internet service there.

The library district took action after the Paisley library’s Internet service through CenturyLink went down in the past month and could not be revived, Douglas said.  He said that the library asked CenturyLink to have their service be restored, but was told by CenturyLink officials that there was not sufficient capacity as all available local capacity had already been used up.

Douglas said he’d spoken with a CenturyLink technician that the company had budgeted for an upgrade to increase capacity but, for unknown reasons, this upgrade got pulled from the budget and redirected to urban areas.

The upgrade, which would cost an estimated $300,000, has been reportedly redirected to next year’s budget, he said.  At this time, there is no economic way to resolve the issue, Douglas said.

“People who have DSL service now still have the service, but there’s no room for others,” Douglas said, noting at least eight known families at one time awaiting new Internet service installations.

The Paisley School is currently lacking suitably reliable and speedy Internet access, which Douglas said is particularly troublesome for students needing to do online research for school projects.  Other challenges faced by the community include a lack of bandwidth for satellite Internet at the school.

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