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Is Government Making Any Sense?

We were told that it was imperative that the debt limit be raised so that the government could borrow more money and pay its bills.

So what did the senators do? They passed a bill loaded with pork. Does that make any sense?

Shortly after the House passed the debt ceiling bill we learned that the national debt had exceeded 17 trillion dollars. The president said that we do not have a spending problem. Who believes that?

Tea party folks, who believe in the Constitution, smaller government, and fiscal restraints, are treated with contempt. They are said to be radical, dangerous, and not be tolerated according to some Americans.

The Founding Fathers did not intend that lawmakers become professional politicians. It was a mistake to change from appointing senators to electing them. Voters keep re-electing the same people who go us into this mess. Too bad we don’t have term limits.

Teressa Foster

Summer Lake

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