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Jack Fall begins to film in Lake County

The first of two filming segments by Jack Fall’s production crew has begun in Lake County, with the group setting up at an undisclosed location near Lakeview.  “We’ll be collecting some big, wide, beautiful establishing shots,” said producer Gregory McMahon, “We’ll be shooting plates to build special effects shots throughout the winter, and finishing building projects at our primary location.”

The primary shooting location McMahon described as a small, abandoned ranch that needed cleaned of a decade or two of accumulated mess in some of the buildings.  They’ll be bringing in the entire case all at once and shooting most of the main talking scenes in the movie.

“We posted a photo to our Kickstarter page,” said McMahon, “We’ll do a Facebook album while we’re working and share it with the backers first.”

The group went with a vacant place that suited their needs for the most part, but are still looking for wood from old sheds or barns to pick up in order to do some work around the site.  They plan on building a couple of small patio porches, and doing some work on the barn.

“We’re looking for good sources for secondhand stuff, junkyards of stuff that people might let our art department pick through for set decorations,” McMahon explained.  He also noted that they have an alternate source, but it happens to be outside the county, so the group is looking for somewhere relatively close.

“The weather coming up sounds ideal.  We don’t have a date for the spring shoot yet, but it’ll happen sometime mid-winter,” said McMahon.

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