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Jack Fall movie filming delayed until September

Lake County shooting of the independent film “Jack Fall” has been pushed back until September, according to Dir.Michael Greenman.

Filming will commence on Sept. 13, and will be carried out over a five-week period through Oct. 17, he said.

“The reason for the big push was mostly weather,” Greenman said, noting that the filming had originally been scheduled for September 2012 and then pushed back to May 2013 after the early arrival of snow last fall.

Greenman noted that extended spring rains, and the ensuing green landscapes that followed, led to the decision to move filming to later this year. The film calls for more grayish tones out of the landscapes, Greenman said, and as such filming would not have bode well in the wet, green spring season.

Those involved with the film are looking to beat the summer heat and also avoid the snow, which, as most Lake County residents are aware, can arrive surprisingly early each year.

Greenman noted that the extra time is also helpful in making tweeks and improvements to the script, as needed.

“It never hurts to have a little extra time to improve on the script,” he said.

Areas of filming will include Lakeview, the Summer Lake area and territory near the communities of Paisley and Adel, Greenman said.  A couple scenes will be filmed in Portland, as well.

“Our goal is to shoot as much as we can down there (in Lake County),” he said.

Initially, the project was conceived with little to no budget, but Greenman said that it has received a considerable amount of extra support that has raised the bar of the production.  Among the goals is to do some shooting during the Lake County Fair and Round-Up weekend, he said, which is currently under discussion with the fair board.

The project’s proponents are working with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department as well as local property owners  in coordinating their efforts for the film.

“It’s a film that’s 99 percent built upon the support of the people around it,” Greenman said.

For more information on the film, visit www.jackfallthemovie.com, or Jack Fall the Movie on Facebook.

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