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Jiu-jitsu class teaches basics of holds, escapes

Jiu-jitsu class teaches basics of holds, escapes

Through the Lake County Youth Mentor Program’s Personal Enrichment Classes, local chiropractor and Jiu-Jitsu practitioner David Ager has been able to offer classes on the martial art.

Classes thus far have taught some basic holds and escapes, as well as how to properly roll out of a fall.  The learning process was strenuous, but provides a good workout.

Ager ensures each student stretches and warms up properly prior to the actual practice.

Younger members of the classes particularly enjoyed learning to roll, while others were more focused on practicing the holds.  It should be noted that the focus of instruction in the class wasn’t necessarily geared toward self-defense.

Thus, Ager’s choice of title for the class, “Intro to Jiu Jitsu, Submission Grappling” made a great deal of sense.

Older members enjoyed practicing the holds, but were also very interested in how to escape or prevent such situations.  Ager taught one basic move called ‘shrimping’, which allows someone to escape most side grabs by a quick flailing motion of the legs and body as one means of defense.

Ager’s background is mostly in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and he noted that some concepts of that school or style of martial art aren’t shared in other circles.  One in particular, the neutral position from which the first few holds he taught begins, is regarded as disadvantageous for the grounded partner in styles like MMA.

The Youth Mentor Program’s next set of classes will take place in February of next year, with the list of offered instruction coming out sometime in January.  For more information, contact a representative of the program at 541-947-4880 or visit their office at the Lake County ESD building, 357 N. L St.

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