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John Birch Society Exposes Atrocities

The Holocaust must never be forgotten. Also, the same for the 1915-1917 Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) during World War 1 (1914-1918), which was the precursor to the former, and set the stage for 20th century mass murder, extermination, genocide, and atrocities which continue today.

However, despite Nazi SS war crimes and atrocities perpetrated during World War II (1939-1945) against Jews, Gypsies, etc. the crimes of Communism seem to get ignored by the establishment news media, and likewise our socialist public schools, colleges, and universities.

The Soviet Story via The John Birch Society in Appleton, Wisc. can now be accessed and viewed online via www.jbs.org-news-feed/the-soviet-story and www.sovietstory.com, respectively.

The murderous Soviet Secret Police or NKVD under Joseph Stalin, headed by this brutal murderous ruthless police boss Lavrenti Beria (1899-1953), not only paralled, but in many respects were as bad if not worse, than Nazi Germany’s dreaded SS and Gestapo! In August 1939, just prior to the outbreak of World War II, both Hitler and Stalin signed a non-aggression pact known as the Ribbentrop/Mototov Pact: a pact forged in Hell! On Sept. 1, 1939 Nazi Germany invaded and attacked Poland. Two weeks later on Sept. 17 the Soviet Union did likewise. Thus Poland was partioned by both Nazi-Soviet forces via the German Army or Werhmacht, and the Soviet Red Army. The reign of terror though followed by mass arrests, executions, and deportations destined to Nazi concentration camps and Gulags, both courtesy of the SS and Gestapo and NKVD.  Thus prior to the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941 Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin were Axis partners.

JPFO, Inc. “America’s Aggressive Civil Rights Organization” at www.jpfo.org deserves the moral high ground on exposing the link between gun control (civilian disarmament) and genocide. The John Birch Society deserves recognition for exposing everything else that has been hidden from the American public for decades and generations.

James A. Farmer


One Response to "John Birch Society Exposes Atrocities"

  1. James A. Farmer  October 2, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    Thankyou Lake County Examiner for running this letter;
    the American public needs to be informed on this, plus
    voter education, citizen activism, and holding our
    elected offficials accountable. Also, I mention the
    historical link in letter linking gun control (civilian
    disarmament) to empowering criminal regimes to
    perpetrate state sanctioned mass murder or genocide!

    Up to the Korean War (1950-1953) perhaps the most
    common rifle utilized by the Soviet Red Army, including
    the Cheka: established by Lenin and Trotsky in 1918
    as the original Soviet Secret Police, and later NKVD,
    was the Model 1891 and 1891/30 bolt action Mosin-Nagant
    rifle chambered in 7.62mm Russian (.30 caliber) or
    7.62 x 54R. Same weapon was formerly common standard
    arm for the Chinese Communists, North Koreans, and the
    entire Warsaw Pact. Until the SKS and AK-47/AKM assault
    rifles were introduced it was the Mosin-Nagant that
    probably killed more unarmed civilians than any other
    firearm. Also handguns such as the Model 1895 Russian
    Nagant revolver and TT-30 and TT-33 Tokarev semi-
    automatic pistols.

    Naturally this won’t be taught in history classes
    via our socialist public schools, colleges, and
    universtities! But this is why I write letters and
    speak out!


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