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Johnson announces final retirement from District 7

A varied career will come to an end this school year as Tami Johnson announces her plans to retire once and for all.

Despite leaving her previous position as an educator with Lakeview’s School District #7 in May of 2008, Johnson chose to return part-time in August of the same year as District Assessment Coordinator.

The School Board approved her retirement on Dec. 17, which will come into effect at the end of the 2013-14 school year.

“I do lots of things, but I basically keep track of all of the state and federal-mandated testing in the district,” she said of her current position as Assessment Coordinator.

Johnson figures this year will be a good time to leave, as Oregon is transitioning from OAKS, the ‘Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills’ program, to a new testing regimen called ‘Smarter Balanced’.

Her reason for returning in the first place was that is was hard to simply walk away from working with the students and staff in the District.  “As an assessment coordinator I got to work with them without having to do lesson plans,” Johnson said.

She hopes that she can help someone else ease into the position to provide a smooth transition as she prepares to leave.

“I’m hoping to train someone, and we’ll have a lot of testing to do in a short period of time next fall,” she said.  The district will be piloting some of the Smarter Balanced testing this year as Oregon prepares to transition to the new system.

She first began with the district in 1975, and as of the end of the school year will have worked a total of 33 years with School District 7.

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