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Judge oversees Parker v. Town of Lakeview hearing

Administrative Law Judge Rick Barber heard the cases of both Oregon Desert Farms, Inc. and the Town of Lakeview regarding access to the Utley well that requires easement through Andy Parker’s land.

The hearing took place in the Commissioners Hearing Room at the Courthouse, starting at 9 a.m. and ending around 1:30 p.m.

Representing Parker was the legal tandem of Laura A. Schroeder and Sarah R. Liljefelt of Schroeder Law Offices P.C., and representing the Town of Lakeview was Martin E. Hansen of Francis Hansen & Martin LLP.

The Town was the applicant in the case, with Parker/Oregon Desert Farms, Inc. listed as the protestant.

The Town proposed an easement that is 30 feet wide, whereas the current easement is 6 feet wide.

The first witness called to testify was E. Timothy Wallin, an employee of the state who oversaw caseworkers who looked at the approved application that is now being called into question.

June Albertson of AmeriTitle was the second witness, and her role was as examiner of the title in place.

Town Mgr. Ray Simms was the third witness called to testify. Judge Barber also heard the testimonies of Darryl Anderson of Anderson Engineering & Surveying, the engineer on-retainer for Lakeview, and Randall Utley of Favel-Utley Realty, who is listed as a trustee for the Utley well.

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