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KCC, LDH adopt nursing program draft

Lake District Hospital CEO Charlie Tveit met with Klamath Community College President Dr. Roberto Gutierrez after the two-day long Innovation Learning Center meetings to discuss the prospect of creating a collaborate nursing program between the two entities.

Talks led to more talks, and eventually Dr. Gutierrez assigned Chief Financial Officer Eric Stasak to help work out the program’s details with Tveit.

According to Tveit, it was he and Stasak who finalized the agreement, which the hospital board approved on Thursday, July 11.

The specifics of the program still require some fine-tuning, but the basics are in-play. There have been programs like this in the past, said Tveit, but the unique aspect to this one is that if Lake County residents meet the qualifications, they would receive consideration to fill 50 percent of the slots. It was originally going to be 8 total nursing spots given to students, with 4 dedicated to Lake County residents, but that changed to an undetermined number of total slots but 50 percent designated to locals.

Tveit explained the logic through a hypothetical. “If KCC gets 100 applicants that are qualified, and there are 20 qualified applicants from Lake County,” he said, “Of those 20, they’ve got a really good chance of getting in.”

Students must apply, and Tveit encouraged residents to do so.

There will be a one-year Licensed Nursing Program, a two-year Registered Nursing program, and a four-year Bachelor in Nursing program.

Prerequisites are necessary for application.

“We want to make sure we have enough qualified people from Lake County to meet the requirements,” he said. “So we encourage them to get their pre-requisites.”

The pre-requisites can be earned at the ILC.

In addition, Tveit expressed satisfaction with the partnership in general, citing it as one that is mutually beneficial. “I think it’s a wonderful thing that KCC is doing,” he said. “For them, they’re enhancing their program, and for us, we’re keeping Lake County residents in Lakeview.”

The program and school are slated to start in September or October.

For more information, contact the School District at 541-947-3347.

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