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KCC, LDH discuss Nursing Program

Lakeview’s Western Regional Innovational Learning Center, although in its nascent stages, is currently the tray on which a smorgasbord of ideas is being served. With video-conferencing technology, a seismic retrofit, and geothermal heating already in the works for the WRILC, seemingly all that’s left to tackle are the instructing institutions and programs that will be offered at the former Daly Middle School building. Klamath Community College Pres. Roberto Gutierrez met with Lake County District #7 Supt. Sean Gallagher and Lake District Hospital Chief Executive Officer Charles Tveit to discuss just that on Thursday, May 16.

The talks, which were the first of their kind, mainly focused on the prospect of introducing and “expanding the current trainings that are available through LDH into a registered nurse program,” said Gallagher.

What the program would entail, much like the program itself, remains to be established. The goal, however, is clear: to allow local community members to get advanced degrees in nursing. It’s a widely known fact that Lakeview residents have to leave Lakeview in order to chase higher education. A KCC nursing program that works in conjunction with LDH would assuage that. Residents could attend classes at the WRILC while receiving hands-on training at the hospital, all while receiving the same type of education that bigger cities have to offer. Down the line, this might serve as an attraction to non-locals, or even provide more job opportunities for the Town of Lakeview.

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