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KCC representatives discuss ILC programs

KCC representatives discuss ILC programs

Representatives of Klamath Community College came to offer presentations and answer questions about the new Innovation and Learning Center on Wednesday, Aug. 21.  Around 25 people attended the evening’s meet-and-greet event, which offered coffee and refreshments as well as information.

Six faculty members of KCC were present, Ryan Brown, Julie Murray-Jensen, Mark Cassady, Keith Duren, Linda Davenport and Chris Stickles.  Also there were Emma Connell, Chair of a local advisory board for the program, and Christy Tveit, the ILC coordinator.

Duren was there representing KCC’s Agricultural program, with Mark Cassady offering information about Anatomy and Physiology classes, Linda Davenport on Business programs, and Chris Stickles on Welding.

Duren spoke about KCC’s plans to offer a full Agricultural Bachelor’s Degree available at KCC to students attending the ILC.  KCC’s agreements with other universities will even allow students to take the KCC classes and transfer them directly to programs at Oregon State University, Duren said.

Students in the Ag program here in Lakeview will be offered online classes and hands-on labs that may alternate between Lakeview and the KCC campus.

Cassady offered information on Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) classes that will also be part of the ILC’s planned programming.  KCC regularly trains EMTs through their classes, and offers A&P classes year-round.

“A&P courses dovetail into all sorts of medical professions,” said Cassady.

He also hopes to bring nursing programs to Lakeview, working with members of the Lake District Hospital to create an Associates of Nursing program, as well as offering a Registered Nurse degree.

Cassady speculated that nurses will be more in demand as the health care system changes, and many current nurses reach retirement age.

He also hopes to use the ILC’s ability to provide synchronous programming via videoconference rooms to offer tutoring and reviews outside of classes.  More chances to review information would make the learning process much easier.

He hopes the welding program will be available when the term starts on Sept. 30, but said it should be ready by the end of October.

Ryan Brown said of the KCC group at the meeting, “We may not be flashy, but we’re family.”

College financial aid can be applied to the cost of attending classes through the ILC.  Christy Tveit is available to provide entry counseling for new students, which includes information on financial aid, and how to fill out a Federal Application for Student Aid, or FAFSA, available online.

Anyone interested in attending classes through the ILC needs to register before Tuesday, Sept. 10, which is a required student orientation day.  For more information, call Christy Tveit at 541-947-6663.

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