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Klamath Dams Scams!!

Would you people please stop talking to me about this subject?! I have a deep-seated love for water projects. Yes, I am way more broken-hearted about breaching dams than most, for sure, not more than the people losing the water.

I told Justin, he and Jayna are leasing Melvin’s place and also putting their heifers and bulls on our hobby ranch, “I wish everyone could purchase 25 sub-irrigated acres and a shovel for retirement.” Even though I am moving water around at MP 132 Hwy 395 until I cannot get my body to move, tripping, and falling down hard, I could not be happier. I think about what the water is doing. So wonderful in the arid west!

Possibly, one would think that this difficult endeavor and not profitable for the time spent would be way beneath me, for I am a retired geologist from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. I have worked on hundreds of dams and some of the largest water projects in the 17 western states, also Alaska.

A while back I was reading the Klamath newspaper about Pablo Arroyave , Reclamation employee, leaving for California. I only read the first paragraph.  I remember when Pablo hired on about a dozen years ago and started with Reclamation. He took the time and trouble to get himself educated and was savvy enough to take on the training and responsibility that Reclamation threw at him, which was way considerable for a lot of us.

I imagine (I do not know) that Pablo is involved with the Klamath Dams Scams. Again, it hurt too much to read the article in the Klamath newspaper. You all need to know that we Reclamation employees marched to the drum beat from congress. We have no choice.

When you all elected President George W. Bush, you voted for the Klamath Dams Scams (my opinion). Bush is an environmentalist and hired a Dan Beard as the Commissioner of the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation. Dan tried to implement a policy of breaching two dams a year. There was no shortage of engineers to sell us out. Reclamation is doing what the Republicans initiated.

Bradford A. Augustine

Crooked Creek

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