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Lake County Courthouse Internet goes down for a day

For an almost 24 hour stretch, beginning in the afternoon on Monday, Feb. 11, the Lake County Courthouse found itself without an Internet connection.

“It was a major inconvenience,” said Bob Pardee, Property and Land manager for the county. “It took a solid day to unwrap everything.”

The problem stemmed from the new phone system the county installed during the week of Jan. 14. Klamath Basin Telecommunication performed an entire revamp of the system replacing the lines and setting up a new digital input and output for their communications. Their previous DSL connection with CenturyLink was left “hanging out,” according to Pardee, unused, unattached and canceled. When the system checks throughout the Internet provider occurred as they do in a regular fashion, the connection was disabled.

Since the disruption in service happened a few weeks after the phone system was installed, Pardee said they did not make the connection and so had a difficult time identifying a possible reason to CenturyLink.

“The intranet was unaffected,” Pardee said. “We could still reach our internal server and files, we just couldn’t send information.”

Still, he said it proved a difficult, frustrating experience for all departments. Luckily, the outage did not seem to have any lasting consequences on the system or the county’s work.

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