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Lake County District Attorney Report

Lakeview was recently victimized by thefts of property from vehicles burglaries and car thefts that occurred on July 11 and 12.  The Lake County Sheriff’s Department and Town of Lakeview Police Department worked together to solve those cases.

On July 29, Danny Larsh pleaded guilty to felony theft, felony car theft and burglary.  He also pleaded guilty to a probation violation for felony driving while suspended.  Larsh was sentenced to the state penitentiary for a period of 40 months on those cases.

On June 18, a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle near the A.D. Hay School.  With the cooperation of a young lady who was a witness to the incident and the cooperation of the victim, on June 23, the Lakeview Police Department arrested Jason Bureau as the driver of the vehicle.  On Aug. 8, Bureau pleaded no contest to attempted assault in the first degree and felony hit and run.  He is scheduled for sentencing on Aug. 26, and has agreed to a sentence in the state penitentiary of three years.

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