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Lake County hopes to add Scenic Bikeway

In the Commissioners Hearing Room on Wednesday, June 5, members from the community who have come to be known as the Scenic Bikeway Committee, gathered to show their support for the county’s proposal to add a scenic bikeway to its landscape. Present from the committee were Sandy Wenzel, the town representative, Tom Roark, the sheriff’s department representative, Tillie Flynn, Michael Stinson from Oregon Department of Transportation and Tallulah Chiono from the Chamber of Commerce.

The other group present was part of the State Bikeway Committee, whose job is to determine whether or not a route is viable, worthy and desirable to be made into a state-funded bike route. Representatives from Oregon Tourism, Ride Oregon Ride and the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department were present, including Doug Parell, Pat Moran, Natalie Inoway, Mike Cosgrove, Rod Sell, Kristen Dahl and Alex Philipps, who all sat on the State side. The meeting was a question-and-answering type event, where everyone said who he or she was, why they were there. The State Committee wanted to know if the county had a bike shop, what kind of amenities it offered in town, and how well cell phones get reception, among other things.

This process normally takes longer to get to this point, but was fast-passed by the community support, said Henry. “We’re ahead of the game because we got letters of support from the forest service and the BLM, which they said was unusual,” she said. “The community here is very supportive, and they weren’t used to the community being this quick to respond.”

Henry expects to hear back from the State within the next two weeks.

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