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Lake County is Doing Well!

The schools need more money and the road department needs more money. There are no jobs in Lake County and our taxes keep going up three percent every year. The people we put in office gave themselves a BIG increase in pay and made new jobs for the County. So we got to be doing good or someone got to be doing good.

James Ross


One Response to "Lake County is Doing Well!"

  1. harvey winer  July 18, 2014 at 11:30 am

    So, what’s new? Lake County, and Oregon has been the “poverty basin” since the “Timber Crash” of the 1980’s and the flood gates, which are still “wide Open” allowed illegal border runners, from all our unsecured borders even today free citizenship, by hiding in country for decades. The big business is so called “medical marijuana”, Pot Shops, ran by the same “dope heads” in private vendor ships. For the new economy fund bases to operate with.

    Instead of the pill versions, that are available to all real medical patients, that need this type of pain relief. Not in Hospitals, or from Doctors, and other medical outlets under prescriptions’ only, but with a “voucher card” from your friendly over paid, Elect!

    Just like the fire in Shasta County, that was a breach of our National lands, by these dopers, and illegals growing weed to sell to these vendor ships, and on open market, that is were our taxpayer dollars are being sucked into.

    This “tune in, tune on,and space out, stay stoned” mentality of these present generations, who are jobless, and overpopulate our social services.

    With multiple families of illegals, getting more money for their bros, from this floodgate illegals in country occupiers, being shipped with their illegal children, to isolated poverty basins, though out our United States of America, for cheap labor of “Welfare Ranchers”, who get subsidies up the ying yang.

    As the average unemployed are chained to minimum wage, debt prisons, of easy credit.

    With no gainful employment to pay back, that which these drugs, illegals, and Elect keep raising thier wages, increasing their benefits, and having royal elite filthy rich, retirement plans.

    We can thank our split party prostitutes of the GOP, and the welfare buying Democrats Elect, from City Hall to the Oval Office, including the worst GOP, Tea Party split lobbyists, special interests, and filthy rich monies of business.

    That keeps jacking up prices, creating easy credit prisons, for all unemployed, real legal United States registered taxpayer voters, being put on the back burners.

    While these illegals made legal,get special schools, learn English on our tax dollars, special perks, “Driver’s Privilege Cards” like in Nevada by Governor Sandoval, who got his freshmen ship in Oregon.

    As a failure Candidate before coming here, and selling out to Casinos, and Northern Ranchers, and ahead of our failure immigration line of real legal immigrants, to get amnesty, and just vanish into our communities’, like Lakeview and Lake County of poverty subsidies and State Prison Detention Centers base incomes.

    Governor Sandoval is the classic case of vote buying of these illegal in country occupiers, by his hands off policy of local police to house these illegals in our Detention Jail for no more than 14 days with free food and housing also at Nevada’s tax dollar voters expense.

    Such a deal, now the “trickle down effect of the GOP” has become the GOP Union of all for the rich, and to hell with the rest of us, in this re-election circus act in November!


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