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Lake County Library receives grant

Lake County’s Public Library was recently awarded a $500 grant from the Lake County Cultural Coalition group to help enhance its “Sing, Play, Read @ Your Library” program.

The program has been an ongoing one for the county libraries, and is present in all four locations of Christmas Valley, Paisley, Lakeview, and Silver Lake.

In order to receive the $500, the Library was asked to meet the priorities set forth by the Cultural Coalition. They had to use the money to satisfy the arts, heritage, or humanities divisions, and they met the arts and humanities requirements with their purchases.

The Library chose to focus on books that teach music, such as “The Oxford Companion to Music,” “You Can Teach Yourself Accordion,” “Absolute Beginners Harmonica,” “Over 200 Irish Songs and Dances,” among others. They purchased a total of 16 instructional books that will aid aspiring musicians or citizens with general interest in learning music with their goals.

According to the Cultural Coalition, priority in grant funding is given to those who focus on live music, fine art, live theater, and historical endeavors.

The total project budget was set at $1,250, with $500 allocated for purchases, $500 as the estimate of the staff’s donated time, and $250 invested by the library in the project itself.

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