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Lake County OSU Extension leads literacy program for local students

Lake County OSU Extension leads literacy program for local students

Who Grew My Soup?

A great book and a hands-on activity were part of the lesson enjoyed by students at Fremont and Union Schools.

The students were participating in the statewide spring AITC Literacy Project organized by Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC). This event was brought to the school by the Lake County Extension Service District.

The AITC Literacy Project is designed to improve the literacy of Oregon’s young readers, and their knowledge of agriculture. Each year the project features a book with ties to agriculture and a related hands-on activity that reinforces the book.

This year’s featured read is Who Grew My Soup by Tom Darbyshire and illustrated by CF Payne. This delightfully cleaver book is filled with hilarious illustrations. In the story, a boy named Phineas doesn’t want to eat his vegetable soup and declares he won’t eat it until he knows where it came from.

To his surprise, a man in a flying tomato balloon shows up to answer this question. Together they fly from farm to farm, learning about the amazing vegetables in his soup and the farmers who grew them. Following the reading, students complete a nutrition and art activity that reinforced the importance of healthy eating.

How the Literacy Project Works

The Literacy Project is an annual event. Talented book lovers and members of the agricultural community donate their time to classrooms across the state. These trained volunteers arrange to visit their local schools where they read the book to students in Kindergarten through sixth grade. A related activity, completely prepared by AITC, follows the reading. Volunteers share their knowledge about local agriculture and make a personal connection to the book. Start to finish, it takes about 45 minutes. A copy of the book is donated to the classroom after the reading and each student gets a bookmark. Additional lessons that complement the book are available from the AITC website.

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