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Lake County schools shows well in report card rankings

Oregon recently changed its report card ranking system for schools around the state.  From a 3-level system with an emphasis on benchmarks, according to District #7 Superintendent Sean Gallagher, Oregon is switching over to a 5-level system with an emphasis on student growth.

Results for each school, including local schools throughout Lake County, were made public online on Thursday, Oct. 10.  The reports compare each school to others statewide, as well as to certain schools within the state that have similar student demographics.

Lakeview High School was rated very highly, with a score of 5 statewide, and above average in a group of similar schools.  The statewide score puts LHS in the top 10 percent of Oregon schools.

Daly Middle School scores were slightly lower, with a rank of four statewide but also above average among similar schools.  A level four school falls between the top 10 percent and the bottom 44 percent.

Paisley School also achieved a level four, ranking above average among comparative schools.  North Lake School was given a rank of three, falling above the bottom 15 percent and within the bottom 44 percent of schools.  North Lake was above average compared to similar schools.

Union and Fremont/AD Hay Elementary Schools were both given ratings of three.  Fremont/Hay was average compared to schools with similar demographics, and Union was below average.  Look for a related article for more information on the challenges that Elementary schools face with new benchmarks.

“Oregon is changing to a value-added or growth system,” said Gallagher, “There’s more emphasis on growth and less on meeting benchmarks.”

School rankings are derived from student academic achievement, academic growth, subgroup growth, graduation rates and subgroup graduation rates.  Subgroups consist of economically disadvantaged students, those who are learning English, students with disabilities and those who are members of a historically underserved race or ethnicity.

ment education goals.

The new system emphasizes growth by weighting academic growth at the middle/elementary school level by 50 percent of the total score, with academic achievement and subgroup growth both weighted at 25 percent.  High school scores are weighted at 20 percent for academic achievement, 20 percent for academic growth, 10 percent for subgroup growth, 35 percent for graduation rate and 15 percent for subgroup graduation rate.

Report cards are available online at the Oregon Department of Education website http://www.ode.state.or.us/data/reportcard/reports.aspx by selecting the school’s district from a drop-down menu.

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