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Lake Health District to develop donation policy

Discussion on a pair of local donation requests led to interest by Lake Health District’s board of directors in developing a policy focused specifically on the same topic.

The board discussed requests from the Lake County Youth Mentor Program and also for a community electronic reader board project.  The latter project was detailed in the Nov. 6 edition of the Examiner.

Lake District Hospital CEO Charlie Tveit led the discussion with the board on this topic, noting that the reader board project, while essentially paid for overall, still needs funds related to its installation.

The district currently has no line items in its annual budgeting process for such donations, but there are monies available for community relations-related efforts, he said.

Board member Judy Graham and board chair Chuck Kelley shared concerns of donation solicitations specifically as they relate to the district’s mission to the public at large, as a taxing entity.

Graham noted the community reader board supports the district’s mission of keeping the public informed. She voiced her support for the Lake County Youth Mentor Program as a valued community effort, but noted its continual need for funding.

In light of these discussions, Tveit suggested drafting a policy that would specifically address how the district would handle donation requests.

Human Resources Dir. Linda Michaelson voiced support for such a policy that would address the matter of how the district approaches such requests.

A key concern for the district is in the fact that they are a taxing entity, and seek to be judicious in their management of public monies.

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