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Lakeside Terrace temporarily closed following fire

A recent fire at the Lakeside Terrace restaurant in Christmas Valley led to its temporary closure, according to one of the business’s owners, Carmen Cardwell.

Cardwell, who co-owns and operates the restaurant-and-motel business with husband Kerry, said that a fire broke out in the kitchen on the afternoon of Thursday, Feb. 21, just following a senior citizen’s lunch that drew in 40 to 50 people. The restaurant filled with black smoke from a fire that was later tracked to the deep frier in the kitchen, where it was ultimately contained.

“We were very grateful they had all left,” Cardwell said.

The fire ultimately destroyed the deep frier, but most of the damage in the restaurant was the result of the heavy smoke, Cardwell said.

Anything exposed to the smoke that was not sealed in the walk-in fridge or freezer had to be disposed of, so losses were fairly extensive.

The Cardwells have been very busy in tracking their inventory for insurance reimbursement purposes, she said.

Along with a new deep fryer, a new hood and fire suppression system is also in the works.

No one was injured in the fire, Cardwell said, and it was by the good graces of luck that volunteer firefighters happened to be eating at the restaurant at the time.

The Christmas Valley Rural Fire Protection District also responded to the incident, but those firefighters present as customers were key in suppressing the fire quickly, she noted.

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