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Lakeview bests North Lake in county battle

Lakeview bests North Lake in county battle

When these two teams last met, it was a disappointing loss for the Honkers, but a confidence-inspiring win for the Cowboys. North Lake, who had been struggling until that point, has righted the ship and is now in position to tie for the league championship. Lakeview, who was also struggling at that time, went 3-0 last week. The two County teams knew something had to give, and it was Lakeview who caused the North Lake to fall asunder.

Both teams pulled no punches at the start of the contest, with the Cowboys scoring once in the first inning while catching the Honkers sleeping.

Things went quiet for a while as the defenses sunk their teeth into the opposing offenses.  Lakeview’s bite was bigger, however, and they held the Cowboys scoreless for three straight innings while rattling off a six-run third inning of their own.

Cody Hamilton pitched the first four innings and was a big part of why the Cowboys struggled to hit the ball, registering only five hits all game and netting as many strikeouts.

David Ward pitched in the loss for North Lake. Lakeview coach Sean Radford had nothing but good things to say about both teams.

“David Ward handcuffed us the first time we faced him,” he said, “but we did a good job of hitting on him in the second game.”

Lakeview busted the game open in the third inning, and Radford credited a huge triple by senior Cody Clemens for the spark. Clemens had three RBI on that play and later scored one run.

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