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Lakeview boys score 3 goals in second half, win against Tulelake

September 18, 2013 by

The Lakeview High School boy’s soccer team is shaping up to be a second-half champion team, with three goals scored against their opponents on Saturday, Sept. 14 from Tulelake in the latter part of the game.  This put them up 3 to 0 by the end of the game, giving them another pre-season victory.

Abraham Orozco scored the first goal in the 45th minute of the game, assisted by Tristan Witham.  The second goal was a free kick by Cody Hamilton in the 62nd minute of the game.

The Lakeview boys scored their third goal on the 70 minute mark, they final goal being made by Witham with an assist by Hamilton.

The Lakeview coach, Jim Nicholl, said the Tulelake boys were comparable strength-wise to their team from last year.  He speculated they have a good chance of going on to win the top place in their league, as so far they have gone undefeated.

Nicholl said the boys played a good, smart game, keeping possession of the ball and not allowing the other team opportunities to score.

He also said it helped to finally have the bulk of the team together, with all the starters back.  Nicholl says the rest of the season will be putting the pieces of the puzzle together, developing the team chemistry so they can continue to do well.

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